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Still login in maually,let robosso do it!

Robot Simple Sign-On (RoboSSO)

RoboSSO is the top-rated Password Manager that completely automates password entering .Provide high security protection to prevent theft of Trojan or spyware. At present, people use accounts and passwords are increasingly frequent, but Trojan or spyware programs also has become more rampant.RoboSSO is to help ease your memory suffering for these key confidential data, and to eliminate your security concerns during the online login. RoboSSO is your trusted security assistant in your network life.With RoboSSO, Users can securely store and manage all their logon credentials . All that users need to remember is a single RoboSSO master password.

Key features:

  • Auto Login Website
  • Broadly support websites such as Portals, Mail, Forums, Online Banking, Intranet etc.

  • Memorizes
  • your passwords and Logs You In automatically.

  • Login Protection Auto impose security protection to login process, to prevent theft of Trojan or spyware programs.

  • Encrypts your passwords to achieve complete security,secured by AES (Rijndael) with a 192-bit key

  • Fights Phishing by filling passwords only on matching web sites.

  • Backs up your passwords, Copies them between computers.

  • Neutral: works with Internet Explorer

  • IE 7 and Vista are now supported.
No spyware
No Trojan horses
No viruses

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Well, here's another breath of fresh air. RoboSSO (pretty unusual name, I agree) revolutionizes the way you store your passwords just like Roboform did.

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